Placement Tests


All admitted students may be asked to attend placement examinations. Students will be contacted via email with details related to placement examinations.

English Placement Tests

These tests are to gather information about your English-language use. A team of English instructors uses the information to place you in the English class that is right for you and that will provide you with the training needed to succeed in your courses.

Based on your English Placement Tests, you will be placed in one of the four courses listed below:

  • Foundations of English I
    • 9 hours a week
    • 3 semesters of English study before you take English 104
  • Foundations of English II
    • 9 hours a week
    • 2 semesters of English study before you take English 104
  • Foundations of English III
    • 6 hours a week
    • 1 semester of English study before you take English 104
  • English 104
    • Requires a minimum of 7 on IELTS or placement by this test

Placement in Foundations of English courses may restrict the other classes you are allowed to take.

Your results will be reported to you by the Advising Office. There are no numerical scores in the English Placement Tests.

What to expect on testing day?

The testing will take 3 hours with no breaks. It consists of these parts:

  1. Hand-written essay (50 minutes)
  2. Online Multiple Choice Language Skills test. Twenty questions in each section (60 minutes)
  • Language Use
  • Sentence Meaning
  • Reading Skills
  1. Computer-written essay section (50 minutes)


Math Placement Exam (MPE)

Freshmen admitted to Texas A&M University at Qatar are required to take a Math Placement Exam (MPE), which is designed to ensure adequate preparation for calculus. The first required engineering math course is MATH 151 (Engineering Mathematics I). To register for MATH 151, a student must have an MPE score of 22 or greater.

The table below indicates the required math courses based upon the MPE scores.

MPE ScoreMath Course 
22-33MATH 151 Engineering Mathematics I
15-21MATH 150 Functions, Trigonometry and Linear Systems
<15MATH 150 + UGST 182 Functions, Trigonometry and Linear Systems +Recitation (Offered Fall only)


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Math is my best subject in high school, and I even took an advanced calculus course. Why am I required to first take a pre-calculus course if I score less than a 22 on the MPE? 
    The MPE is the best single indicator of student performance in the math courses. Our goal is to set students up for success in the math courses. If a student scores less than 22 on the MPE, the student is required to begin in MATH 150 (for MPE scores between 15 and 21) or MATH 150 + UGST 182 (for MPE scores less than 15).
  • Will taking MATH 150 or MATH 150 + UGST 182 delay my graduation? 
    Not necessarily.  If you do not take the proper math course and fail, graduation will be delayed. MATH 150 or MATH 150 + UGST 182 represents one extra course; it may not delay graduation a whole semester. Proper placement in your first math course is paramount to success and degree completion in engineering.
  • Are the results of the MPE binding? 
    Yes. However, students may take the test up to two times, and the highest score will be used for placement.  Students must wait at least 14 days between MPE attempts. Only exams administered at TAMUQ will be used for placement purposes.
  • I already have AP/IB credit (or dual credit) for Calculus I. Can I be exempt from this test? 
    No, all incoming students are required to take the MPE test. Credit for Calculus I does not necessarily ensure adequate preparation for engineering calculus.
  • Can I take the MPE during Aggie Life 101 New Student Orientation?
    TAMUQ requires students to take the exam prior to attending Aggie Life 101 New Student Orientation.  Test dates are offered throughout the summer. Your test scores will be reported to you and your advisor. Your advisor will interpret these scores to recommend the most appropriate math course you should take in your first semester at TAMUQ.