How to be Admitted


Entry into the Texas A&M University at Qatar program depends upon completion of the entire application, submission of the required supporting documents and college entrance tests and placement tests results, and an interview conducted by members of the Admissions Board if applicable. All of these requirements determine admittance. 

Admission into the program is highly competitive and selective. Applicants who are high achieving in all areas are most competitive for admission.

Applicants may be admitted one of two ways. Due to the limited size of the entering class, the number of students accepted from each category is limited. 

Review Admits

If an applicant does not qualify for academic admission, the complete application file will be reviewed.

Factors considered:

  • academic achievements — class rank, school curriculum and required course work, college admission tests scores
  • personal achievements — involvement in extracurricular activities, community service, leadership, employment and summer activities as well as any talents, awards and honors
  • information shared in essays and resumes

Students will be admitted according to availability of spots


Admission into the Aggie Gateway Program

The Aggie Gateway Program is designed to offer high achieving students from Qatar and the GCC (and other countries if space is available) who don’t quite meet the minimum test scores, the chance to enroll in courses at TAMUQ for 12 months.

Once students meet the criteria of the Aggie Gateway Program, then they can become full-time engineering students. 

Students will be admitted according to availability of spots.